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July 21, 2022

Ep 142 - Dean Roller: What You Need to Know About Granny Flat Regulations

With real estate becoming more expensive, adult children seem to be prolonging the move out of the nest, elderly parents are opting to be close to family rather than head for the retirement home, and somehow, it can't all happen under the one roof. So today we are going to explore the idea of putting another roof on your property, with what you need to know about granny flat regulations.

Dean Roller runs the world's largest granny flat resource - DIY Granny Flats. With hundreds of thousands of visitors to date, DIY Granny Flats continues to be a source of valuable information for property owners. Dean and his team help clients with designs and approvals for granny flats and likes to share his secrets to success in how to get them built for as low cost as possible.

1. What is the legal/council term for these buildings?

2. What are the main characteristic differences between a dependable person unit vs a self contained unit?

3. Who is considered a 'dependable person'?

4. What are the regulations when it comes to a dependable person unit?

5. What can the council do if you are seen to be using the dependable person unit as a private rental or AirBnB guest house?

6. Some councils are trialing granny flats for multiple uses. Can you tell us which ones, and how to get involved with the trial?

7. What makes a great design for a granny flat?

8. What's the procedure in putting a granny flat on your site?

     a). How much land do you need?

     b). How long does it take to get a permit?

     c). How long does it take to construct a granny flat?

     d). Does that include the processes in getting power, water and gas to the granny flat?

     e). Can they be separately metered?

9. How much would a one bedroom granny flat on site cost me?

10. Now you have a way you can get savings...If I were an owner builder, what savings could I get?

11. What benefits for re-sale are there when you have a granny flat on your property?



Dean Roller can be contacted on: 0478 587 878

Visit the website: https://www.diygrannyflat.com.au


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