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October 28, 2021

Ep103: Precis Pool - Where to Turn To When The Packing and Cleaning Get All Too Much

You hear about these homes on 'A Current Affair' that have a mouse plague, have junk scattered around the yard, and years upon years of filth climbing up the walls. And there is always a time that comes where that property needs to be sold. Today, we are going to find out where you can turn when the packing and cleaning gets all too much.

With over 20 years experience in helping people with cleaning up homes that have been affected by hoarding, deceased estates and those who just want to declutter to feel a weight lifted off their shoulders, Précis Pool, the owner of "The Junkman" is here today to explain where to turn when the packing and cleaning gets too much.

1. Explain to us, who usually contacts you to get help when a house is beyond normal living standards.

2. Do owners who have got their property to this state, struggle psychologically with you touching their belongings and putting their things into a skip?

3. How particular are you in terms of working out what types of things are worth keeping, worth selling and worth sending to charity before putting them into a skip?

    a. What about important documents, photos and keepsakes?

4. What's the worst you've seen when it comes to hoarding?

5. Once you've removed the excess rubbish, is it often you find structural or building damage to the property?

6. Do you also provide a cleaning service or do you sometimes need to get the bio-cleaners in?

7. How long can it take to clean up a property?

8. What can the costs range from?



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