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November 18, 2021

Ep106 - Suzy Nobilo-Lawson: The Importance of Using a Professional Stylist

Styling is now considered an integral part of the real estate selling journey, and many people personally believe they have the knack in getting it right after watching numerous reality shows, looking through Pottery Barn, Temple and Webster and Ikea catalogues, and thinking that their own personality is what everybody wants. Well, we are here to tell you, it's not that easy. Today we are going to find out why it's important to engage the services of a professional stylist.

One of Melbourne's styling pioneers, styling properties since 2003, Suzy Nobilo-Lawson is the Director of Furnish Solutions and is passionate about transforming properties, ensuring they stand out in the marketplace, to bring in the best buyers and achieve the best sales result. 

1. Why should your property be styled when you put your property on the market?

2. But I like my decor, it makes it feel homely and warm, won't buyers like my personal style?

3. What are some of the benefits of using a professional stylist over doing it yourself?

4. Some people like to get their friends involved with the styling. What things can make the difference between a professional stylist and a 'hobby' stylist?

5. Do you often find that you need to resurrect a sales campaign, after the owners have either used their own furnishings, or got their friends into help?

    a. After they get you in, is there a new shift in the campaign where new buyers are interested?

    b. Can you give us an example?

6. Talk to us about the importance of artwork. How can vendors get a bit funny about artwork and its placement on walls, especially after a new paint job?

7. What don't stylists do? Who should you turn to to get these jobs done?

8. Talking about trusting your real estate, why is it important to trust your agent in using their stylists?

9. And lastly, what's all this going to cost us - give us ballpark figures?

   a. For a 1 bedroom apartment?

   b. For a 2 bedroom unit?

   c. And a 4 bedroom home?



Suzy Nobilo- Lawson can be contacted by email at:  suzy@furnishsolutions.com.au or call 0425 288 900


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