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November 25, 2021

Ep107: Tim Carson - Buying a Property for a Short Term Holiday Investment

Ever dreamed of having a holiday home, down the coast, in the hills or just away from the rat race, where you can go to escape? A place where you have it looking picture perfect, have cleaners come in after your stay like you're having a holiday every time you come and go, but also make money from it, allowing others to enjoy your sanctuary when your busy life doesn't  allow you to enjoy it as much as you want. Today, we will talk about the pros and cons of buying a property as a short term holiday investment. 

Tim Carson, Owner and Director of McCartney Real Estate Torquay was recently ranked as No 4 in Victoria for residential sales and No 1 for Regional, plus he's been 'Agent of the Year' for the past 5 years for Torquay through the Rate My Agents awards. He has had a whopping 431 reviews across 8 locations in the last 12 months.

1. What makes a great property for short term rentals?

2. Carly from Endeavour Hills is looking to buy a property around Angelsea, but doesn't want to go to the effort and expense of moving furniture. How easy is it to buy a property that's fully furnished?

3. What returns can you make on a short term rental vs a long term rental?

4. What added costs will you have on a short term rental vs a long term rental?

5. What risks do you need to weigh up that will put a hold on getting guests to stay?

6. How easy is it to get quick turnaround cleaners?

7. What everyday products do you need available in your property for your guests that can add to the cost of running your property?

8. How often can you go to the property yourself to use it for a holiday?

9. How about the AirBNB and Stayz portals. A lot of owners like to use these portals to self-manage the property, yet some short term rental services don't want to use those services, and only allow guests to book directly through their service.  What's the benefits of self managing the property yourself vs getting a management service?

10. Can you get agents that are flexible with their management styles?



 Tim Carson at McCartney Real Estate Torquay can be contacted by email at: tim@mccartneyrealestate.com.au

 or call: 0434 690 930.


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