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January 13, 2022

Ep115: Shaun Moriarty and Steven Persson - Campaign Agent Collaborating with Homes For Homes

In 2022, we at Real Estate Right, will look at initiatives that the real estate industry is doing to help people in need, after all housing is one of life's essential need, and not everyone is in the fortunate place of being able to afford their own shelter. Last year, we got to know the advertising pay now, pay later scheme Campaign Agent that has helped thousands of people pay for their advertising and styling up front when they sell their home. Today, we are going to find out how Campaign Agent is collaborating with 'Homes for Homes' to help end homelessness in Australia once for all. 

Shaun Moriarty is the Co-Founder and CEO of Campaign Agent, Australia's largest pay now, pay later solutions provider for real estate. Shaun's passionate about empowering people to grow their wealth through property and create ways for property owners to share this wealth with those in need...and Steven Persson is the CEO of 'The Big Issue'  and Homes for Homes. Homes for Homes is a new solution to ending homelessness in Australia - it's an innovative way to tackle a really big problem in our community. Today we are going to find out how these two amazing businesses connect.

1. Last year, we told Real Estate Right listeners all about Campaign Agent. Shaun, can you give us a recap on what you actually do?

2. Steven, tell us a little bit about 'The Big Issue' and then Homes for Homes.

3. Why the collaboration?

4. Why does the Homes for Homes solution work?

5. What can agents and vendors expert when they list their property?

6. Now Shaun, how is Campaign Agent leading the way with Homes for Homes?

7. How can property sellers help?

8. Are the portion the property owner contributes able to be tax deductible?

9. Even if you're not selling your property, what other ways are there to help?

10. What impact has Homes for Homes made so far on homelessness?



Campaign Agent:  1300 882 662



 Homes for Homes: 1300 767 918



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