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March 17, 2022

Ep124 - Tom Hawkes Case Study: Leaving the Nest - Renting Your First Place

Renting your first place after leaving the family nest can be quite daunting.  There's new bills to pay, you have to do your own washing, there are neighbours always hanging around, and the rent comes every month. But with it, comes a new sense of freedom and no one to check up on you. Today we are going to do our first case study, where we find out what you need to know about renting your first place out of home. 

Tom Hawkes is our new copywriter, here at Real Copy Right, plus he has just moved out of the family nest,  not just out of home, but to a completely different suburb, 25 kilometres away from Mum - a little bit far to ask Mum to do the washing every week. 

1. How long had you wanted to move out of home before you actually did it?

2. What was your game plan?

     a). Were you planning on moving in with a mate or were you keen to live on your own?

3. What did you think about in terms of bills before you moved out?

    a). What more did you need to factor in?

4. When I moved out of home, my Mum and Dad sat me down and asked, have you thought about a fridge, a washing machine, what you need for uni. Did you get the sit down?

5. Did you set yourself a budget and did you stick to it?

6. What type of property was your first property you leased?

7. Did you rent privately or through an agent?

    a). How do you do a bond if its privately?

8. What do you wish you knew before you leased a property?

9. How's the cooking and the washing going?

10. What do you miss most from home?

11. What's the next step - rent something bigger or aim to buy?


Website recommendations for those looking to move out or home:





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