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April 21, 2022

Ep129: Case Study - The Changing Real Estate Experience - First Time on the Market in 20 Years

The real estate journey has changed dramatically over the years. Gone are the days where agents would write the advertising copy, a sketch artist would draw a picture of your home for the age newspaper, and possibly for the brochure, and your home would still feel like it is your home, not a display home of neutrality and space.

Today we are going to talk to two lovely sellers who have just recently sold their homes, and their experiences from selling over a decade ago, and what they had to do for their latest marketing campaign. 

Dianne Davenport has recently sold her home of 20 years, and is here to tell us her story about how the whole real estate process has changed since she last sold a house in 2001.

1. So how long had it been between engaging a real estate agent?

2. Tell us what was expected from you as the home owner then?

3. What more did  you have to do, as the home owner this time?

4. I know when I initially sold my first property, I was given a junior agent to sell my home 19 years ago, even though I signed up with a director, did you have the same experience?

Up next, we have another vendor, Debbie Byass, to tell her story after not being in the market for 20 years after selling her house back in 2002. 

5. Do you remember how much you paid for commission? Has that changed any?

6. Did you go through an auction campaign last time, or was it a private sale? What did you do this time?

7. With all the work you personally needed to do, did you question what was you agent getting paid to do?

8. What's your advice for people who are about to put their property on the market but uncertain about the process?


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