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May 5, 2022

Ep131: David Klingberg - Tricks of the Trade When It Comes to Town Planning

For any novice developer, you're keen and eager to learn from the best in the trade. Most would look to builders and developers who have the tools like themselves, others broaden their angle to look at every expert who helps their development become a success. But it all has to come off a page and on to the ground, so why not get the page right by talking to a town planner, and get to know their tricks of the trade when it comes to town planning. 

David Klingberg has over 30 years experience in the planning and the design industry. David specialises in bringing together teams and managing industry leaders to deliver outstanding outcomes in town planning, urban development and urban design. David has worked on significant projects nationally and internationally for state and local governments, as well as the private sector. These include land use strategies and growth area planning, mixed use and residential master planning, urban regeneration, town centre revitalisation studies and initiatives, state and local government planning policy development and urban design advice. David is driven to produce great planning and urban outcomes, education and training. He regularly presents at conferences both in Australia and Asia and teaches at universities and for the Planning Institute of Australia. 

We have a listener, 25 year old Peter. He has just made it big inheriting some money from his late grandfather, he has finished his carpentry apprenticeship and he sees this as his opportunity to get into developing.

1. What are some tricks of the trade to help him achieve his goal?

2. Explain to us your fab eco-system?

3. Which business professionals should Peter create relationships with to develop his career in property development?

4. When is it better to suss out the neighbours before planning a development?

5. How often can council knock back your plans?

    a). How often can it get approved the first time?

    b). How can you guarantee that it won't get knocked back?

6. Our friend Peter want to know, what are councils looking for? What helps you tick the boxes in your favour?

7. What can be a turn off for council?

8. Which councils can be easier to deal with?

    a). Which ones aren't as approachable?

9. What deadlines do we need to keep in mind?

10. How can the design help get your development approved?

11. How can we negotiate to get our development approved?

12. Where do we find great collaborators and JV partners to help our development along?

13. How much about finance do we need to do before getting our development out of the ground? With prices of materials and labour soaring at the moment, what sort of percentage should we be adding to the price of a development these days?



David Klingberg at Smart Planning & Design can be contacted on 0438 459 559 or by email: davidk@smartplanninganddesign.com


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