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May 26, 2022

Ep134: Naomi Anderson - Organising Aged Care for a Family Member

It's always hard to see a family member's lifestyle deteriorate, especially if they have been in the family home for decades and can no longer look after themselves the way they did in the past. It's even harder not knowing where to turn, dealing with all the emotions, the differing family wants and the financial costs of any transition that may occur. Are they ready for aged care or is that still a little extreme? Sometimes you need to get the right person on your side to help you make the decision, and today, we are going to help show how you can make that decision easy.

With 16 years of first hand experience as a registered nurse in the aged care sector, Naomi Anderson is the Managing Director of Aged Care Ready - A fiercely independent company that assists elderly clients and their families navigate their aged care journey. Passionate about helping families make educated decisions for their elderly loved ones, Naomi and her team are often described as buyer's advocates for aged care.

1. What signs should you be looking for in your parent, aunt, uncle or grandparent, to determine if you should be changing their residential situation?

2. What options are there from going from total independence into aged care?

3. What if my loved one needs more support that they're getting from their home care package, but not quite at the point where they need to go into an aged care facility?

4. What type of resistance do you find families get from their loved one to go into an aged care facility?

5. Aren't all aged care facilities the same?

6. What different types of facilities are there for our loved ones, catering for their differing needs?

7. What different types of payment options are there to pay for aged care?

8. Are the fees negotiable?

9. How quickly do rooms or self contained units become available, and how quickly do they need to be snapped up?

10. How do most residents adjust to the aged care way of life?

11. With the pandemic, how have aged care facilities changed their processes?

12. How long can the process take from showing interest to moving in?

13. Can I move my parent from one facility to another if they aren't happy, or are they locked in?

14. Why is it important to ask how aged care advisors (whether it's placement agents, financial planners, solicitors etc) get paid?


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Contact Naomi: 1300 023 589 

Website: www.agedcareready.com.au


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