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June 16, 2022

Ep137: David Tong - International Buyers - Are They Making a Return?

After 2 years of Covid fears and restrictions of world travel, international buyers fled Australia on mass, reducing the opportunity for locals to capitalise on a varied buyer pool, but also the reduction of international students and immigrants who couldn't come to our shores, ensured that international buyers couldn't see the value in investing in our property.  Now that we have seen the last of the lockdowns, are they coming back?

David Tong, Director of Secoya Property, has over 28 years experience in property investment across the globe. David has been working with international buyers for over 12 years, working with international agents to service his international clients. However, 80% of his clients are everyday Aussies paving a way to financial freedom. To tell us about the other 20%, welcome David!

1. Are international buyers coming back to Melbourne after Covid?

2. What types of properties are they looking for?

3. Are they buying to invest or occupy?

4. Is there return impacting our auction results?

5. I was talking to some property managers this week, and while the government opened up the flood gate for international students to come back, they were suggesting that they aren't coming back as much as the government would like. Would you agree?

6. Which areas of Melbourne are international buyers looking for?

    a). Are they keen on certain government school zones or private schools?

    b). If they are coming here to occupy, what type of job skills or businesses are they bringing with them?

7. Why do they think Melbourne is still a great place to invest, especially if our prices have soared so much over the last two years?

8. Do you think the interest in Melbourne will be as big as it was pre-Covid?

9. Is there anything else we should know about international buyers and their buying trends?



David can be contacted via the website: secoya.com.au or

by email: david@secoya.com.au


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