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June 23, 2022

Ep138: Brendan Kelly - How To Think Big with a Property Development Coach

More than ever, budding developers, ordinary Mums and Dads and keen investors are paving the way to creating their fortune through the art of developing property. However, most set themselves up for failure. Today we are going to find out how to think big when it comes to property development and make each of your developments a success, using a property development coach.

Brendan Kelly, from Results Mentoring, is here with us today to help us think big in property development, with a property development coach. Brendan has had 25 years in the investment space and launched his development coaching 16 years ago, supporting over 2000 people over his various programs to become millionaires.

1. What type of people come to a results mentor to be successful in property development?

2. Do you find they are mostly trades people wanting to step up in their career?

3. Are some established developers or those starting out needing some guidance?

4. What type of professionals do they need around them to be a success?

5. What do they want to achieve?

6. Have you got any stories of people who started out as a novice developer with you and turned into a full time developer?

7. What do developers have the most trouble with?

8. What are some clever tips to help property developers deliver a superior project without costing a fortune?



For our listeners, Brendan Kelly is offering a Top 10 suburb growth prediction report offering suburbs from around the country with great potential. 

Access this via the link below:



Brendan Kelly can be contacted via the website



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