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July 14, 2022

Ep141: Leah Calnan - What Alternatives Are There to VCAT When You Have a Rental Dispute?

There's nothing worse than having a dispute with anyone, but with your landlord or tenant, about your shelter, your hard earned money or your investment, it can be soul destroying. Knowing you're in limbo waiting on VCAT to issue you a hearing date, not only prolongs the process, but can be detrimental to your relationships and finances. Today we are going to find out what alternatives there are to VCAT when you have a rental dispute.

Leah Calnan is the Director of Metro Property Management. She was elected to the REIV board in 2014 and has served as REIV President for two terms 2019 through to 2021 and is now the current Vice President. Leah's experience encompasses more than 28 years in the property industry and is an industry training facilitator in the property management sector developing the next generation of property managers.

1. Tell us about the VCAT system and what renters and rental providers are struggling with when it comes to getting their dispute resolved.

2. What cases are VCAT prioritising at the moment?

3. How long can it be before your case gets heard through VCAT?

4. What alternatives are there to come up with a solution?

    a). Mediation?

    b). Magistrates court?

    c). An experienced property management service that mediate between the renter and the rental provider?

5. What types of cases are being settled through:

    a). Mediation?

    b). A Magistrates court?

6. How much does mediation cost?

7. How quickly can it be resolved through mediation vs VCAT?

8. And again, how quickly could your case be resolved through the Magistrates Court vs VCAT?

9. Is there anything else our listeners should know about the processes?



Leah Calnan at www.metropm.com.au

Email: info@metropm.com.au or call: (03) 9831 3000


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