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August 4, 2022

Ep144 - Case Study: Applying for Numerous Rental Properties and Getting No Where

Due to investors getting out of the property market when covid hit, there is a huge lack of properties available for a large number of tenants wanting to change location, upgrade the size of their home for the growing family needs and those wanting to leave the family nest. Melbourne vacancy rates are at an all time low, meaning that tenants are competing for each and every property in some suburbs, making it difficult to secure a new home, even when a deadline is looming. 

Today, we are going to hear from one tenant and her story about how she struggled to get a property and what she did to succeed. Steph is 25 years old and has been renting for over 6 years. Steph has seen how easy and how hard it is to secure a property in the diverse markets, and she's here to tell us why she feels it's important that our listeners are aware of how to navigate the rental market.

1. What's the most number of applications you've made to get a property to rent?

2. What type of property were you looking for ?

     a. What was the maximum rent you wanted to pay?

     b. Explain the circumstances.

3. What different tactics did you use to secure a rental property?

4. Why do you think it was so hard to rent a property?

     a. Had you had any troubles getting your bond back in the past that may have ruined you renting reputation?

5. How did the property managers tell you that your application wasn't successful?

6. Were they helpful in trying to find you a place, or were they more interested in managing the properties?

7. When you went to the open for inspections, were there a high number of prospective tenants inspecting the property?

   a. Did you use that as a gauge as if you should apply or not?

8. What tactics do you think you will do next time you want to move?

9. Now that you're in your new home, have you had to deal with a difficult landlord or property manager?

10. When it comes to applying for a property, do you actually have any rights, as the only one I know is that they can't use your bond history against you?


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