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July 1, 2021

Ep82: Zhi Goh - Vacate Cleaning - What’s the Best Way to Get Your Bond Back

Renting property is more vigilant on tenants when it comes to cleaning the property to vacate than it is for those who have sold a property and vacating. When renting, it's best to think of the end at the start than be overwhelmed at the end. Today, we are going to get a few tips from a cleaning expert about how to get your bond back when vacating a property.

The recommended cleaning company for Ray White, RT Edgar and many more, Zhi Goh is the Director of Zecco, and is passionate about getting tenants bonds back as well as saving property managers time when conducting exit inspections.

1. In the intro of this podcast, we talked about thinking about the end before you start your tenancy. What type of properties should we consider to ensure it's an easy vacate clean at the end?

2. What is the expectation of property managers when it comes to cleaning the property when you vacate a property?

3. What are some of the ways you can guarantee to get your bond back?

4. If you aren't going to engage a professional cleaner, what are some things tenants forget to do when cleaning their property?

5. Are you expected to have all the light bulbs working before you leave?

6. How should we choose a vacate cleaner for our property? Should we base it on the price?

7. How long does it take to do a vacate clean?

    a). For a 1-2 bedroom apartment?

    b). For a 3 bedroom villa?

    c). For a 4 bedroom house?

8. Do you also do the gardening or can you arrange the gardens?

     a). Will all cleaning companies offer gardening services?

9. What should listeners be aware of when it comes to carpet cleaning?



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For all your vacate cleaning needs:

CONTACT: Zhi Goh by email at: zhi@zecco.com.au

Phone: 0425 180 800


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