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August 31, 2021

Ep92 - Town Taster - Yarraville

Director and Founder of Reside Real Estate, Marty Rankin and Anthony Watson, Business Development Manager at Reside are here today to help us with our Town Taster on Yarraville. Reside is a a boutique agency that brings change, creativity, reliability and a customer-first mantra to real estate. Based in the eclectic suburb of Yarraville, Anthony sees people drawn to the closeness to the city that Yarraville has to offer, with its own unique community feel which the west has grown to love. 

1. How have you seen Yarraville perform this year in regards to sales?

2. How about rentals? You hear about doom and gloom in the city when it comes to one and two bedroom apartments, but how is Yarraville fairing?

3. What types of homes can you buy and rent in Yarraville?

    a. Is there much of an investment market?

4. What's the biggest surprise Yarraville has to offer which those visiting don't expect?

5. Where do you see stock for both sales and rentals coming into spring?

6. Where do you see prices for both sales and rentals in Yarraville heading into the rest of the year?



Marty Rankin (Director and Founder)

marty@residere.com.au | 0421 605 271


Anthony Watson (Business Development Manager)

anthony@residere.com.au | 0407 832 860


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