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September 9, 2021

Ep94 - David Banks - Top 10 Requirements Buyers Are Looking For In a Property, and How to Overcome Them if You Don’t Have Them

Buyers have been coming out in droves for the last 12 months, eager to secure a property that is more suitable to Covid needs. They are cashed up as they haven't been spending money on overseas travel, and they are prepared to pay the big bucks for something that ticks all their boxes. Today, we are going to give you a helping hand, and explain what the top ten things buyers are looking for in a home, and how you can overcome it if you don't have it. 

David Banks, from Jellis Craig Boroondara, has had over 10 years experience in real estate sales and has seen a dramatic shift in buyer requirements over the last 12 months. He is here today on Real Estate Right to guide you on how to present your home best to attract the best buyers.

So today we are going to go through the Top 10 of requirements of buyers and how to overcome them when you don't have them. 

10. A view or something to look out beyond the four walls.

9. A garage.

8. Being within 5 kilometres of everything you need.

7. Storage.

6. A second study area for when both of you are working from home.

    a. What are buyers prepared to compromise on? ie, what's their dream and what are they prepared to take on as reality?

    b. How we live and how we sell are often two very different things. How can buyers look beyond the staging and styling of a home to work out the function that is best suited to their lifestyle?

5. Separate living spaces.

4. Outdoor space.

3. Recently renovated (within the last 1-5 years)

2. A study to work from home.

1. Natural light. 



David Banks at Jellis Craig - Boroondara.

Phone: 0422 868 410

Email: davidbanks@jelliscraig.com.au

Website: jelliscraig.com.au



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