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September 23, 2021

Ep96: David Tong - The Advantages of Buying a Brand New Apartment

Brand new apartments have had a bit of a bad wrap in recent years. Oversupply, flammable cladding, expensive owner's corporation fees, yet people still buy into them, either for the lifestyle they create or the position that makes them great. Today, we are going to find out all the good bits when it comes to buying a brand new apartment for both owner occupiers and investors.

With over 28 years experience in property investment across the globe, and the author fo the book 'How Cash Works',  David Tong is passionate about helping people achieve financial abundance through property investment. Dave has been the top sales agent for off-the-plan developers since 2012 and here to share his wisdom. 

1. Let's start at number one - lifestyle amenities. Tell us what's so great about having an abundance of lifestyle amenities in a building.

2. Number 2 - Better Entertainment - what do you mean by this?

3. Number 3 - Low Maintenance. 

4. Number 4 - Attracting Younger Tenants.

5. Number 5 - Rental Returns. 

6. Number 6 - The Tax Savings.

7. Number 7 - The Return of Cash.

8. Number 8 - A Significant Lift in Value between Signing and Settling.

9 Number 9 - Adding to your Cashflow.

10. Number 10 - Owners Corporation Fees.



David is offering Real Estate Right listeners the offer to underwrite a rental guarantee for new investors. 



David can be contacted via the website: secoya.com.au or

by email: david@secoya.com.au


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