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September 30, 2021

Ep98: Dean Davis - Why Getting The Trades In to Renovate Pays Off On Auction Day

Buyers are currently looking for two types of properties - something brand new or newly renovated, something that's untouched with character or quirkiness, or a possible land site with the potential to create something 'new.' So what does that tell you? The big bucks come when you present your home with a sense of 'newness.' Today we are going to talk about why getting the trades in to renovate will pay off on auction day.

Dean Davis and his wife Michelle are the Founders of M+Co Property and Dean is  here today to talk to us about 'Why Getting the Trades In to Renovate Pays Off on Auction Day.'

1. In our intro, we talked about how buyers are looking for something either new, newly renovated or something they can make 'new.' What are you finding as an acceptable value of 'new' in terms of how old a renovation is before it's time to give it a spruce for sale?

2. At the start of the year, I saw you at a 5 bedroom home where you had done a $180,000 renovation on it to give it a 'new look' from the kitchen, to bathrooms, to paint, floors and finishes. They got an amazing price? Can you tell us more about that property?

3. At what point do you say, we will fix it up for sale with touch up paint, fix the grouting, new carpets, maybe new tap ware etc, just where it's needed or do you go, let's give it the whole renovation where you might change walls to create new rooms, put in a new kitchen and bathroom etc

4. Where do home owners see the biggest dollar for dollars increase when they renovate their homes?

5. What should we do with the outside of a home if fully renovating the inside?

6. Should we bother putting in new heating, cooling and other add-on features, or are we just appealing for the renovated look?

7. Say I have a 4 bedroom home, how long should we anticipate it would take to renovate the entire home through M+Co Property?

8. Is there anything else home-owners looking to sell should think about?



Dean can be contacted on: 0401 845 331 or via the website: www.mcoproperty.com.au    Instagram: mcoproperty

Visit the showrooms at 13 Roper Street, Moorabbin and don't forget to sign up via email list for the 2022 education nights. 


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