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March 31, 2022

Ep126: Joseph Daoud - Knowing Your Credit Score and How It Can Help You Get Your Mortgage

Paying a bill? Got a personal loan? Maybe a store card or a Buy Now, Pay Later account? If you have any of these in your name, you will have a credit score. Now, what to do with it, and how can it make or break your path when applying for a home loan? We will find out on today's podcast: Knowing Your Credit Score and How it Can Help You Get That Mortgage.

After working in the banking industry as a successful mortgage broker, Joseph Daoud founded 'It's Simple Finance' in 2020. An innovative entrepreneur at heart, Joseph is committed to simplifying financial processes with an aim to empower and give confidence to Australians when they make life-changing decisions, and do it simply.

1. What is a credit score and how can you find out what your credit score is?

2. What is considered to be a good credit score to help you get a mortgage?

3. At what level would your credit score be if a bank chose not to lend to you?

4. Do they look to see if you pay your bills on time?

5. How long would it take to get my credit score from 500 up to 850?

    a). What would I need to do?

6. What financial products should you avoid to look after your credit score?

7. How can you improve your credit score?

8. If I have a credit score, what can affect my credit score to make it lower?

9. How many requests for money can you make before your credit score is affected? That is, if I was trying to get a home loan and approached 2-3 banks, each doing their own investigations, will that affect my credit score?

10. How hard is it for single parents and first home buyers to get a mortgage?



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