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June 2, 2022

Ep135 - Case Study -The Process of Getting Mum or Dad into Aged Care

Today we have our third case study. This forms the second part of last week's episode, where we talked to Naomi Anderson from Aged Care Ready, but today, we hear it from the family's perspective. It's a heartbreaking time for all when you have to separate your parents or sell the family home or the empty nester apartment to pay for aged care. 

Jonathon Easton and his sister have watched their parents enjoy their retirement in their Gold Coast apartment for the last 30 years. With their father at the ripe old age of 94 years old, and their mum just turned 80, they could see that it was becoming hard for their mum to look after their father properly, so they have recently put their father in aged care, while mum remains in the apartment. 

1. So tell us a little about your parents - What did they do for a living? Have they got their sense of humour? Have they had any medical concerns? How were they as parents to you and your sister? How did they inspire you to be better?

2. At what stage did you see the signs that your dad was becoming too much for your mum to handle?

   a). What were the signs?

3. What was the discussion like with your sister about putting your dad into aged care? Did your mum want to go too, or was she happy staying in the apartment?

   a). Did either your mum or dad have any resistance about the change, and being apart?

4. Did you know how to start the process or did you seek professional help?

5. What were the financial expectations of the aged care facility? (ie, was there a refundable deposit or non-refundable deposit, a weekly fee, entertainment costs, other costs especially if there are medical concerns). 

6. How long before you could get your father into the aged care facility that he liked?

7. Was there an opportunity to make it feel like home for him, by putting his furniture  or personal items in his room?

8. Was there any unexpected events through the process (A medical turn, extra money required etc). 

9. Is there a sense of relief that your dad is ok now?

10. Is your mum ok on her own now, and does she visit him often?

11. Would you have done anything differently?



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