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June 30, 2022

Ep139: Dean Davis - Adding a Fireplace to Complement Your Home

Now we are right in the heart of the winter months, there's nothing better than costing up to a nice warm fire. With gas fireplaces being on trend, it's actually not too hard to install a stylish gas fireplace to warm your living space, an alfresco area or even your bedroom. The benefits are good for the soul, but also good for adding value to your home, and today we are going to find out how you can add some fireplace ambience to your home and still get to enjoy it for winter.

Dean Davis, from M+Co Living, is Real Estate Right's go to stylist and real estate trade, helping those get their properties ready for sale. Featured at the Australian International Fair in July, Dean is here today to talk to us about all the different fireplaces and how a fireplace can add value to your home. 

1. Why do people like a fireplace in their home?

2. How have fireplaces changed in the last 10-20 years?

3. What types of fireplaces are there?

4. A lot of the older generation don't like fireplaces, as it was their chore when they were kids, to clean out the fireplace, chop wood and keep an eye on it so the house wouldn't burn down. Obviously, now we have the gas and the ethanol fireplaces, that make them low maintenance, but how can you convince the older generation  that a fireplace adds value to a home?

5. Has there been any data on how much a fireplace adds value to a home?

6. What price range could it cost to install a fireplace?

7. Are there any regulations around them, or pending regulations that may prevent someone installing a fireplace?

8. What sort of maintenance do they need?

9. What are the best types for homes with children and pets?

10. How energy efficient are the new fireplaces?

      a. Do they contribute much to greenhouse emissions?

11. Some people think that a gas fireplace doesn't give much heat and it's only ambient, and then some say they can be boiling, can you moderate the temperature, or are some fireplaces only designed to be ambient?

12. How quickly can we get one installed?



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