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July 7, 2022

Ep140: Case Study - Helen Skoric: How To Remove a Heritage Listing Off a Family Legacy

Most people see a heritage overlay or heritage listing as finite. If Heritage Victoria want to label a house 'Heritage', because of it being typical of the era, it's designed by a distinct architect or has an overlay that's consistent with the streetscape, then you really don't have a leg to stand on if you want to make significant changes to the property. Or do you? Today we are going to find out how a stubborn property developer managed to get her family home of 59 years off the heritage register. 

Helen Skoric has a family history in Fitzroy North that goes back to 1963. Her immigrant parents bought the double fronted Victorian home after working in Gertrude Street Fitzroy at the Blue Danube restaurant where they invited Yugoslav migrants to live in their back bungalow while they worked out where they would settle in Melbourne. Helen is now a property developer and Director of Parameni P/L and has 25 years experience in all types of domestic renovations, extensions and new builds.

1. In the introduction, I told listeners a little bit about your family's story, but explain to us about the type of home your parent's bought, the memories and what your neighbours ended up doing?

2. Why did the powers at be believe that your parent's home should be heritage listed?

3. Why did you believe it shouldn't be heritage listed?

4. What are some great tips to help you remove a heritage listing off a property?

5. How did you remove the heritage listing off the property?

6. Who helped you remove the heritage listing?

7. What have you designed to go on the land now?


*Follow Helen's project journey on Real Estate Right*


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