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June 3, 2021

Ep77: Angelo Soldatos - It’s Just a Board - Things We Need to Know When Putting Up a Board

The shiny big sign that goes out the front when you sell or lease your property can become a nightmare when dealing with the wrong company, owner's corporations or even pesky neighbours. Today, we are going to find out what you should know about putting up a board before you put your property on the market.

Angelo Soldatos is commercial operations manager at Briner and has been working there for 10 years. Briner is a leading sign manufacturer in Melbourne, helping real estate agents for over 70 years. Angelo is a mind of information when it comes to 'signs.' From templated real estate signs through to customised bespoke signage,  Angelo can help provide advice and guide you through the whole process. 

1. What is the importance of a board when it comes to selling a home?

2. What's the difference between a stock board and a photo board?

3. What do we need to consider when it comes to:

    a). Placement of the board

    b). Lighting for the board

    c). Owner's corporations

    d). Neighbours

4. One of our listeners, Karen from Vermont South is annoyed that her neighbour's board light shines through her bedroom window every night, what can she do about it?

5. Peter from Williamstown, has just settled his new house and the board is still on the property. He has so much to do with moving house and he expected it to be gone before he settled. How long after a property has been sold, should a board stay at the property?

6. What are some of the new technologies used in signage boards?

7. What happens if the board damages my fence, or worse, the owner's corporation fence?

8. Are there extra costs if we need a board to be placed up high, for instance on a balcony, or the side of an apartment block?

9. What do we need to do if the wind blows it down during my campaign, or if some thug decides to graffiti the board?

10. Who pays for the insurance on the board? 



For real estate agents: Free upgrade to 3D Logos on boards for the month of June

Contact Briner on: (03) 8587 0000 Email:  info@briner.com.au

To email Angelo: asoldatos@briner.com.au



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