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September 2, 2021

Ep93: Kiani Mills - The Process of Getting Your Section 32 In Order

The Section 32 or Vendor Statement that is part of the Sale of Land Act required to sell a property in the state of Victoria. It's kind of important if you want to sell your home or investment. Today, we are going to talk about how you can help your legal team get your Section 32 in order so you can sell your property. 

Kiani Mills, Director and Founder of KLM Conveyancing, is not only a fabulous conveyancer, but also a brilliant business woman opening offices all around Australia to help buyers and sellers on the move. She's here to give us her fabulous insight in to the Section 32.

1. For all that don't know, what is a Section 32?

   a. Is it different to a 'Contract of Sale?'

2. How helpful do you want vendors to be in providing the information for the Section 32, and how much easier is it for you doing it through your own connections?

3. When do you need extra input from your vendor?

    a. What's classified as illegal building works, and how much do you need to tell your conveyancer?

    b. Do people actually realise that they have done any illegal building works?

4. Is it helpful for vendors to have council rates, water rates, land tax and owner's corporation fees fully paid going into the sale, or doesn't it matter due to readjustments at settlement?

5. In what sort of incidents would you need to get a property lawyer to step in to help prepare the section 32?

6. Say my agent has a hot buyer who wants to purchase a property in the next 24 hours and will only look at properties where all the paperwork is in order. How quickly can you get a Section 32 prepared?



Kiani can be contacted on 0439 999 010 and (03) 9448 8282

Email: kiani@klmconveyancing.com.au


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