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September 16, 2021

Ep95 - Seth Watts: How To Pay For Your Advertising and Styling When You Don‘t Have the Cash in the Bank

Selling property is a costly exercise, and the days are now gone where real estate agents would have large overdrafts, or be backed by fantastic rebate systems to help the cash flow continuum while they wait for your property to be sold, and then be settled. Now, the property owner needs to cough up the funds when they sign the Exclusive Sales Authority. Today we are going to find out how you can pay for your advertising and styling when you don't have the cash in the bank.

Seth Watts is the Co-Founder and National Sales Director of CampaignAgent, Australia's largest pay now, pay later solutions provider for vendor paid advertising. Entrepreneur and CEO of many start-ups, Seth is passionate about empowering people to grow wealth through property.

1. Why is marketing important?

    a. A lot of people think they can just put their property on realestate.com.au, but there is more to it isn't it?

2. How is it now possible to sell your home when you don't have the funds to pay for it?

3. What can be paid for upfront using CampaignAgent?

4. How is the money dispersed?

5. How quickly does the money come through?

6. Can home owners get knocked back due to previous financial issues?

7. We are now going to get into some of the 'Terms and Conditions'  when using CampaignAgent. What are the interest rates?

8. How quickly do you need to pay the money back?

9. What happens if my home doesn't get sold though the agent I organise Campaign Agent funds through?

    a. Can I get additional money from you if I choose to go through another agent?

10. How much is the maximum I can borrow?

11. Would using a company like CampaignAgent harm my credit rating to increase my mortgage? 



Seth can be contacted via the CampaignAgent website:



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